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Old Vedder Crossing Bridge & Logging Railroad

Old Vedder Crossing Bridge & Logging RailroadBridge washed out in 1948. Photo provide by Evelyn Armitage

Slide area from Giesbrecht & Duncan 2017

Webster Landing KPH Quarry

Webster Landing & Quarry

Quarry from Vedder River Campground

UFV and Quarry

Blast visible from Evans Road

Zoning map of Quarry & Lots

Truck & Quarry from Campground

3D Map EW orientation

Blue Herron in Street Creek

Slide on #44100, 1997

Aerial Map of Area

Vedder Mt Slide

Vedder Mt from Hwy1


2 Responses to Photos

  1. tom j turner says:

    We are in total agreement with the vedder mountain preservation society concerns re the expansion of the gravel quarry operation on vedder mountain. The phrase “Not In My Backyard” is an appropriate term to use here.It is a total disregard for the citizens who live in the area and others who appreciate what the nature of this area has to offer . Stop this expansion before we make yet another mistake at natures’ expense

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