Big thanks to the VedderMPG

The VedderMPG had its 6th meeting on March 31st at the Yarrow Community Hall.  About 35 people attend a postmortem of where we are at, what still needs to be done, and what worked to bring “people power” to the attention of local and provincial politicians and bureaucrats.  Glen Thompson of the Friends of the Chilliwack River Valley group presented a “victory” card to the assembly; it said “A small card just would not do for the BIG THANKS going out to you [VedderMPG].”  It was signed by the various citizens groups that together have formed the FVRD Citizen’s Associate (FCA) in order to get a provincial-level hearing regarding gravel mining in the province.  Together, hopefully, we can make our politicians hear the people that elected them.  This is particularly important in this “election year” when we will have not only a federal election but also local civic elections (and possibly even a provincial election).  Representatives from both the Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy and the Cultus Lake Community Association were also present.

Victory Card with Glen, Victor and Walter

VedderMPG decided to continue pressing the Environmental Assessment Office for the mandatory environmental assessment documented in the KPH quarry application (2003-2013).  We also plan to find out from the City of Chilliwack why the Soil Removal and Deposit Bylaw is not being enforced;  why we were told in our FOI application that “We would advise that we no longer have in our records Schedule “B” to Soil Removal Bylaw 1989, No. 1313” – this just happens to be the Soil Substance Removal or Deposit Permit for Kirkness for the year 2008; why the annual audit done by Robert Simpson was only for January to May 2008 (52,782 cubic meters); and why the extraction records show that in December 2008 a further 183,682 cubic meters were removed (all this adds up to double his permit amount).  We will also continue monitoring applications for gravel extraction permits, especially by Kirkness Pacific Holdings/Western Explosives, and other development on Vedder Mountain.

In the coming months we will provide ecological, recreational and environmental information about the north side of Vedder Mountain, located between Vedder Crossing, BC and Yarrow, BC and which can be seen when driving Vedder Mountain Road, one of the key routes to the very popular Cultus Lake recreational area.

The person on the left is Glen Thompson of the Friends of the Chilliwack River Valley group and then Victor Froese and Walter Raupach of the VedderMPG.  The card is also siged by the Baker Trail Village,  FVRD Citizen’s Association, Action Committee for Environmental Stewardship Society, Post Creek Rate Payers, Citizens of North Lake Errock, Friends of Sumas Mountain, South Lake Errock Landowners’s Society, and Chilliwack River Valley Ratepayers.

398    N/G    ANdrea Dove    47335 mountain park drive    Chilliwack    BC    Canada    v2p 7p7    N/G    3-Apr-11

397    N/G    Valma Nadon    7 – 44465 McLaren Dr    Chilliwack    BC    Canada    V2R 0C1    N/G    3-Apr-11

396    N/G    Raymond Nadon    7 – 44465 McLaren Dr    Chilliwack    BC    Canada    V2R 0C1    N/G    3-Apr-11

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